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Monday, March 26, 2007

Although dessert Saturday was probably the best thing I ate all weekend, I'm pretty happy about the pulled pork I barbecued Sunday. The smoker is an interesting toy: basically it is a tray for the fuel, a chimney and a lid, and I can see that there is a great deal of variation that one can achieve with the simple materials involved in the process. For example, it seems to me that real charcoal, rather than briquettes, may be the way to go. Briquettes are easy to work with, but they burn quicker (and probably hotter) than real charcoal. I soaked the hickory chunks I used yesterday-- not long, maybe an hour-- and as a result I got a very thick, heavy smoke. That's a fine thing, but I may want to try for a subtler taste on some things. I smoked a pork tenderloin and some Italian sausage I had on hand. The tenderloin, which we pulled, came out well, but I will want to be using less lean cuts in the future. The sausage worked out really well, though-- the combination of smoky and spicy was markedly different than the way they taste grilled, and would be great with baked beans.

I think I'll try salmon next weekend.

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