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William C. Altreuter

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Ordering Game. "The goal of the game was to order in one go, and so comprehensively that the server would not be forced to ask for even a single clarification. As such, every variable had to be examined, every corner of the menu explored, lest something—a complimentary glass of juice on a pre-set breakfast menu, for instance—go unnoticed."

My personal rule is that nobody at a table should order the same thing-- although in some settings I'll refine this so that only A and I are so limited. It depends on how receptive to my neurosis the other people we are with should be expected to be. I like the Ordering Game, though, and will be integrating (grating being the key word) it into my set of quirks. Something like the Ordering game is already a part of my set of rules for fast food-- it's McDonald's, for crissake. Why do you need to ponder the menu? Presumably the only reason we are here is because of a specific craving! In a fast food setting everyone can order the same thing-- because I am flexible.

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