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Saturday, April 28, 2007

CLA hasn't spent much time on the sidelines this rugby season, and has been a pleasure to watch. City Honors' team seems to have really come together-- they are going to the National Invitational Tournament again (although CLA's attendance in in question owning to scheduling conflicts) and I can't help think that they may be in contention this time. Last year the rain and consequent slow field conditions operated to their disadvantage. Their game was-- and remains-- built around speed. They had a breakaway runner (who made the national team this year-- only her second year playing) with jets, and several other players who could turn it on. Although they don't lack for size, and certainly never shy from contact, they were taken out of their game in Portland. The team is more cohesive this year, and deeper, I think. I'll be updating my flickr page with more photos-- it is a fantastically photogenic sport.

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