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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bill Simmons says that Boston "will always be a baseball town", and perhaps he is right. The remark got me thinking though-- what sports define what cities? Right now, of course, Buffalo is all about hockey-- walking over to court yesterday I must have seen a dozen people in Sabres attire, and there is a Sabres flag flying in front of City Hall. People say it is all about the Bills here, but there are members of KRAC who have said for years that it's really always been more about hockey here. Part of that sense may come from the fact that when it is playoff time in Buffalo the weather has turned, and there are more people out and about, building a buzz, but I think it probably goes deeper than that. People grow up playing hockey here, and our proximity to Canada means that people grow up watching Don Cherry. (Actually, I think Don Cherry is one of my favorite things about hockey.) Detroit, same thing. Paul Simon can sing that it's a basketball town, and I mean no disrespect to the Pistons, but the Motor City is about hockey.

I'd say that New York is a baseball city, even though Simmons says its all about hoops. Chicago? Football, I think. LA is harder to get a handle on-- who knows, maybe soccer.

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