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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

If you Google ""hoagy carmichael" run for the telephone whenever it rings" you get this site second. This site is first, and rightly so. CLA turned me on to a nifty toy over the weekend: if you go here you can turn any music you have on your computer into a ringtone. Mine's the into to "Hong Kong Blues" from the same movie, a song I used to sing my daughters to sleep with (after reading them "Moby Dick". People mocked my methods, and called me mad, but the results speak for themselves.)

"To Have and Have Not" is pretty indifferent Hemingway, (actually, a lot of Hemingway is pretty indifferent Hemingway-- what's up with that?) but the movie has alway defined a kind of cool for me. You are pretty good if you are just as cool as Bogart, and there is never any question that Hoagy is just that cool.

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