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Monday, May 07, 2007

Mad props to LCA, who is a finalist in the Buffalo Public Schools' Richmond Public Speaking Contest. A and I attended the semi-final, or a semi-final (I'm not clear on how it works) and although naturally we thought she was one of the best of the seven speakers we saw, only two students were going to advance, and there were some tough choices that had to be made. The deaf girl who recited and signed a section from Helen Keller's autobiography. Both of the African-American girls, who went with African-American themed pieces, both well-delivered, both seeming to challenge the judges to deny them this. LCA was well-counseled by CLA, who told her to find a humorous piece, but after working with my recommendation, she rejected it and went with a Daniel Pinkwater piece. I think that she could have killed with "Filboid Studge", but the point is that she got them laughing. There will always be the heavy stuff, but that's hard for an eighth grade kid to sell.

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