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Monday, May 21, 2007

To EGA's commencement at Smith College over the weekend. All of it was great, as these events should be. Smith really does it up right, and it was particularly wonderful because we were able to share the experience with T&S, whose daughter is also now a proud alumna. There are more pix at my flickr page.

I really got the sense that EGA got everything she could have out of her time in Northampton, and it was particularly gratifying to hear her praised by the faculty members familiar with her work. Maybe the best thing about her time at Smith was the fact that from the very beginning she was treated as a prospective future colleague, and the sorts of things that people said about her really rang with that quality. We were favored with a commencement address from Gloria Steinem, which managed to be entertaining, stirring and respectably brief-- probably the best thing of its sort (pdf file)I have ever heard.

T&S's youngest daughter, R has just completed her first year at A's alma matter, BU, and one of the nicest things I heard this weekend was when S told CLA that she was glad that she will be joining us in four years as a Geneseo graduate. She joked that they are going to make a big donation to the college so that they can get honorary doctorates and join her on the dais, which sounds like a good plan to me.

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