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Monday, June 04, 2007

Matt Taibbi's profile of Rudy Giuliani pretty much nails the guy: "New Yorkers had come to think of him as an ambition-sick meanie whose personal scandals were truly wearying to think about." The funny thing is that since this piece is in Rolling Stone we pretty much know that the rest of America doesn't think this way. Really, when was the last time that Rolling Stone called it right? You can't deny the insight: going back to Hunter Thompson and Tim Crouse the magazine has gotten it consistently right, while more mainstream slicks like Newsweek and its ilk have served up piffle that has suggested, inter alia, notions like "George W. Bush and Al Gore are essentially interchangeable". Count on it, if Giuliani gets the nomination you won't be seeing insights like Taibbi's reported anywhere in the New York Times. Right now I doubt that Rudy will prevail-- I am inclined to agree with Tom Negrino: "Republicans are royalists at heart, and they always nominate the guy whose turn it is. McCain's having a rough patch now, but as people and donors get a clearer view of Rudy and Mitt's flaws, they'll anoint McCain."

By the way, we caught a little of the Democratic candidates debate last night. Hillary seemed to be coming off quite well-- warm and funny, serious and smart. I liked Mike Gravel, too, because I always like the guy who is most hilariously doomed. Richardson has seemed like a good concept for a while, but I hadn't seen him in action-- turns out his style is simply awful. He has no shot. Biden is a moron, but we knew that. Obama and Edwards are both personally appealing, but need work. If I were handicapping based on what I saw I'd say it is Senator Clinton's to lose, but we aren't even at the Wood Memorial stage yet.

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