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William C. Altreuter

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's early days yet, but based on present form it looks like Hillary Clinton will probably win the Democratic nomination, and should roll in the general election. It's not so early that New York Democrats aren't sizing themselves up in the mirror and thinking that being a senator would be pretty sweet, but I haven't seen anything about who plans on having a run at it. The way it would go would be that when HRC resigns her seat, Elliot Spitzer picks a replacement-- and then there'd be an election scheduled for the following November. Presumably Mark Green would run, since it is an election and there is a rule that says he has to run for everything. Andy Cuomo might want to have a whack at it, but there is an Albany dynamic at work there which might trip that up. Al Sharpton likes to run for things, too. There are a lot of congresspeople who might want to move up, but right now New York Democrats have pretty enviable seniority in the House, and it would be a high stakes gamble to risk that.

This would be an interesting time to be a dark horse, but it would take money and delicate diplomatic skills. You would want to be anointed by the Clintons, but since Spitzer gets to make the call, you would have to have a foot firmly planted in that camp, too. I don't know who is out there that meets that description, but I guarantee there are people out there working it.

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