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William C. Altreuter

Monday, September 10, 2007

To the City of Homes and Churches over the weekend, for A's Brooklyn DA's office 25th reunion. I'd say the highlight was Friday's visit to Keyspan Park to see the Brooklyn Cyclones take on the Spinners. These were not the same Spinners that did "Rubberband Man"; these were the Lowell, Massachusetts Spinners, a Red Sox affiliate. A ten buck ticket gets you an ocean breeze and a ballgame. Five bucks for a Brooklyn Lager, and life has never been sweeter.

We saw a snappy 5-4 win by the 'Clones, in a ballpark that sits on the shore at the foot of Brooklyn's Eiffel Tower. 10,000 other souls showed up for the game, a nice mix of Real Brooklyn and Hipster Brooklyn. It isn't always easy to tell the two species apart. Both often wear goatees, and both are often tattooed. A clue can be the shoes: Real Brooklyn will be wearing Air Jordan, Hipster Brooklyn rocks the Converse All-Star look. A less dependable method is to check the mates: Real Brooklyn girlfriends will be chewing gum.

The roller coaster is visible over the left-field fence, although apparently there is a real question as to whether Astroland will be there next year. It would be a shame if it finally disappeared-- Coney Island has been hanging by a thread for generations, mostly surviving because no one could be bothered with it. Down at heels, scruffy and disreputable, now that being tattooed and pierced has become mainstream, it looks like Brooklyn's Playground may turn into condos.

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