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Monday, November 19, 2007

As we did last year we are renting an apartment in Manhattan for Thanksgiving. There is a great deal to like about this arrangement: it is a more or less central point for our household and my parents; it is easy to travel for my brother and his wife-- and for EGA-- but it does present us with a problem common to vacation rentals-- Other People's Kitchens. Typically the kitchen in a rental property is filled with an oddball assortment of utensils, which requires improvisation on our part. Last year I packed a bunch of stuff, and was mocked for each item, until each was used. Here's what we brought last year: Le Creuset dutch oven; (2) whisks; potato masher; tongs; Rabbit corkscrew; NYTimes cookbook; meat thermometer; waffle mix/waffle iron; syrup; skillet (I think the stainless); Sabatier knife; kitchen shears; dish towel; collender; ladle.

I love lists like that, which is one reason I love "Moby Dick". Here are the different kinds of rope we brought....

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