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Friday, July 11, 2008

I was a pretty deft hand at the skillet this week, but due to a series of miscommunications not everybody got to enjoy it. Earlier my sister-in-law and her children stopped at Mighty Taco on their way over to our house; they missed out on a nice grass-fed London broil with a Bernaise sauce that came out rather well. Yesterday I made this chicken Saltimbocca. A. had said "Don't wait dinner," which I took to mean that we shouldn't wait for her, but that she'd eat what I prepared when she got home. What she meant was that she was going to eat before getting home, which means she missed a pretty nice supper. The four ingredient recipe is so simple I almost screwed it up ("Maybe I should add some garlic," I mused). This one goes into the repertoire, I think, but I may try this one first.

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