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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The other highlight of the weekend just past was that we went to the Burchfield-Penny opening. The organization really deserves a great deal of credit-- from a small gallery in converted classroom space it has now become a major museum. I feel somewhat proprietary about the place because they gave us the run of it to do a fashion shoot for Buffalo Spree, but that was before they moved the art in. Now the space is filled with art, and this weekend it was filled with people too. They kept it open from Friday through Sunday evening, and had dancers, and live music, and all kinds of stuff. Best of all, this is a museum which has art by artists who are friends of mine, which is so cool I can hardly stand it. There were video installations by Meg Knowles and Dorothea Braemer, and a big display of Robert Hirsch's jars, and quite a bit more by people I know. The best part is that the Burchfield people have decided that they are out to make a splash, and are doing so-- the arts are a major part of what's right about Buffalo, in no small part because artists and arts supporters don't stand around wringing their hands. Artists are artists because they make art. While the rest of us wish for bridges or downtown law schools the artists on display at the Burchfield made videos and images, and the Burchfield people made a great big new gallery to display this work. When I think about it I want to clap my hands, it makes me so happy.

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