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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We saw Blossom Dearie play a couple of times with my parents when we were living in New York (I don't think it was at Michael's Pub, but it might have been). We saw her again when she came to Artpark in the Church (she had a cold that night). She was one of those performers that are kind of a test. If you got it, she was likely to be on a short list of favorites, and if you didn't get it no amount of explaining would ever help you understand. I always liked the fact that Miles Davis was a fan-- Miles understood that underneath the little girl voice there was serious swing. She had some of Miles' attitude, too-- the first time we saw her my father approached her in between sets to tell her how much he enjoyed her work and she brushed him off like he was some kind of a panhandler.
UPDATE: Over at Dreamtime, a hilarious story about Blossom being Blossom. I'll bet there are tons of stories like this.

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