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William C. Altreuter

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good interview/profile of Linda Barry. It is interesting to think about people who are uniquely American characters, and Barry is certainly one. In that awkward time leading up to the 21st century we had a number of them, and I connected to quite a few through the Village Voice, which is where I came to know Barry's work. I almost wrote, "came to know Barry" because that is how her work felt to me, and it is interesting to think about the artists that have that effect on you too. You can read all of Edith Warton, say, and not feel like you'd have anything to say to Edith Warton if you met her at a party, but I'm not so sure that Herman Melville holds you at the same arm's length. Linda Barry always seems like she is writing so personally that it might as well be about me as her, and that is a pretty remarkable accomplishment.

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