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Friday, June 26, 2009

Top Ten Worst Rock Star Actors. With a little work I'll bet you could work out an algorithm which would predict this-- the more iconic as a rock star, the worse the performance. I'm not sure I agree with the ranking here-- I found Jagger surprisingly good in Performance. On the other hand, A and I watched "Masked and Anonymous" last week, and I'm forced to conclude that ol' Bob is at his best in documentaries. I think Madonna is charming in "Desperately Seeking Susan", and suspect that she is dreadful in anything else she has done because "Susan" was the last time she was willing to give up control. I'm no kind of Bowie fan, but "The Man Who Fell to Earth" worked for me. It is easy enough to understand why Roger Daltry would want to be a movie star, but it is harder to know why anyone would indulge his whim in that regard.

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