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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Is New Zealand Australia's Canada? Last night's movie was Blue State, about a San Francisco liberal in 2004 who vowed to move to Canada if Bush was re-elected. Anna Paquin co-stars, and was the executive producer, which makes her my favorite X-Man ever. Although Paquin was born in Winnipeg she grew up in New Zealand, and considers herself a Kiwi. The movie gets a lot of things right. The main character is a blogger, and it understands the peculiar narcissism of blogging. It gets liberal self-righteousness, too, so I guess you could say that it cuts pretty close to the bone for me. What I most liked about it was the way that it seemed to capture the affection that people with liberal social thinking outside the US have for the US, a kind of clear-eyed view of the country which comes from being neighbors and friends, but not family members. One of the Canadian characters says at one point that the border is like a one-way mirror. They look through it and see us, and we look at it and see our reflection.

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