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Monday, February 08, 2010

An exciting, well-played Super Bowl. It looks like some commentators are trying to tag Peyton as having choked; I disagree. It looked to me as though the Saints figured out that the way to beat him was to keep him off the field. It also looked to me like everyone on the field for the Saints was laying it all out there-- I can't remember seeing more strong second efforts, usually good for an extra two yards or so, and sometimes a lot more. The officials called a good game but let them play-- were there a half dozen flags? Only one turnover, and some nervy play-calling. It really looked like the way football ought to be played.

Last notes on The Who: It's not that they are old-- it's that their catalog has been worn thin. Let's put together a better set list, shall we? Open with "I Can't Explain", follow with "Substitute", work "I Can See for Miles" into it, segue into "Join Together", then close with "Long Live Rock". It's not that they don't have great songs, it's that the songs from "Who's Next" are tired. I feel bad for Roger Daltrey: time was when he was the quintessential rock'n'roll front man, but I think we can all agree that Robert Plant now holds that distinction. Also, Pete Townsend's wardrobe malfunction was far worse than Janet Jackson's. Seriously, he looked like he'd fallen asleep on the subway.

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About the game, I thought the Saints defense did not get enough credit for the way they made it too tough for Manning's recievers to gather in his passes. They covered everybody AND maybe made Manning hurry just a little more than usual so the passes were harder to catch.
Daltrey doesn't have the voice anymore to do all those songs. He could barely squawk out what he did.

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