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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I'm starting to see people carrying Kindles. I'm not sure why, but when I do I want to beat them up.

I suppose I see the sense of an e-reader, or an iPad, for something like textbooks. Interactivity might be useful for that sort of thing. I stopped putting out paper versions of the materials I use in my Discovery class years ago-- it seemed wasteful to print stuff that was olny going to be used once, and it was expensive for the students to have to buy it. I doubt that Kindle textbooks are going to be much cheaper, though, and since the user purchases a license rather than an object there is no used market. I'm not sure why, but it also seems to me that the Kindle is going to make it harder for the people who produce content to get paid a fair price for it.

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I don't even know HOW to do downloading of music but I am aware it has totally changed the music scene and, I understand, rather revitalized the "live" music scene and even helps the average musician.

I can't see how the Kindle will help writers in any such way and, how do you loan out to friends the books you want them to love as much as you do? Of course, for those who HATE to lend out books (as do some people I know),or search for "finds" in used book stores (as do...) the Kindle may be just the thing. But this is just another step toward more and more selfishness, I call it.
As with the huge ad campaigns against universal health care based on such scare tactics as the post card I got yesterday claiming that the health care bill will cut $100 Billion out of Medicare. ( I called my Congressman's office to say I hope there are not too many people too stupid to see this is a scam to reduce the profits of the "Surgical Supply" racket. "Medicare Advantage", which is the program that could be cut, allows rich people to get fancy electric carts and gym memberships and the like). Grrrrr

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