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Monday, March 29, 2010

To the Kurt Rosenwinkel Standards Trio at the Hunt Real Estate Art of Jazz yesterday. Rosenwinkel is a fluid guitarist who has a distinct, clear sound. When he gets rolling his tone is almost like a horn, and he seemed to be improvising pretty freely. It's interesting to think about how technology has shaped jazz guitar-- Rosenwinkle had an array of effects pedals in front of him, but the stuff he was doing never seemed to be about the effects. I suppose the guitarist working in jazz right now that I enjoy the most is Bill Frisel, who really couldn't be more different from Rosenwinkle, and who was one of the first artists Bruce Eaton booked in this series ten years ago. What we got yesterday seemed less avant garde, but more fluent, a pleasant island in my weekend.

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There is an article about his guy in a recent issue of Guitar Player; I'll give it to you to read.

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