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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Good summary on the making of "Exile on Main Street", useful mostly for the bonus tracks 'authenticity' breakdown. As I suspected "Plunder My Soul" is essentially current Mick laid over an "Exile"-era track. I thought I heard Mick Taylor in there, and now it's as close as I'll get this spring. We were going to see him at the Tralf, but he's sick, and has canceled. Too bad-- although the set list from his show in Shirley, Massachusetts a week ago was short, he was getting solid reviews. Someone one quipped that there is nothing more limited than being a limited partner of George Steinbrenner, but being a member of the Stones has to come close. When you listen to their albums from this period you can hear a lot of things that wouldn't be there but for Taylor, but Jagger and Richards weren't sharing writing credits. Of course, Taylor's subsequent career doesn't provide much evidence of his writing ability either, but it wouldn't have killed the Glimmer Twins to have credited him on "Sway" or "Moonlight Mile". Taylor's first solo side was the only solo release by a Stone that I've ever bought, something I mentioned to my brother the other day. "I own it too," he said, which means that my family has a higher per capita interest in the solo career of the guy than most. I suppose I should have picked up a copy of a Bill Wyman solo at some point, and Wood's solo stuff is supposed to be pretty good, but these are sides that the remainder bin was invented for. Solo Mick demonstrates why Keith is essential ("Memo From Turner" excepted); and solo Keith pretty effectively establishes his limits as well. (I do like his version of "Run, Run Rudolph", but Christmas novelties aren't really resume items.)

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