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Sunday, May 30, 2010

It wasn't fast and it wasn't pretty but it was 13.1 and that's what I wanted. With that in the bank I'm tempted to gear up a bit. If I did eight at the Ridge next week where would that put me, I wonder? I was swinging along fine for eight today. Well, for seven at least.

Addendum: It also wasn't my worst 13.1. It was hot and sunny, and I was under-trained, but I was better than last year. After a race like that it is easy to see where I could have improved, and how. My PR for this distance is 2:07, which is a five-year old time. (Different course, too. It seems to me that it was flatter when we ran through Kenmore.) It comes down to mileage, I think. In 2005 I was running a lot more, and I'd like to get back there.

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