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Monday, July 12, 2010

To the Utica Boilermaker over the weekend, after a one-year hiatus. CLA ran it with me, and Jim's sister Wendy ran it with him, a pleasant family outing. It's still one of my favorite summer things to do. We committed late, so getting a place to stay turned into staying in Syracuse, and there were a few other adjustments. The llama wasn't there for some reason-- I hope it's okay-- but the zoo was represented by a goat and a pig and a cayman or an alligator or something. My Popsicle was grape, and Caroline's was lime. The weather was tolerable-- hot but not melting. We were there for the experience, but still ran respectably. It's never easy, but it is also always great.

I guess conditions were pretty good: three men broke the course record. 11,524 runners finished out of the 13,000-plus who started-- I didn't see anyone getting medical attention on the course, and I wonder what became of all the DNFs.

Home in time to see the end of the World Cup. Spain, it turns out, is awesome, and I was wrong. That happens a lot.

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