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Saturday, October 02, 2010

I hadn't realized that Carl Paladino owned the land the Seneca bought to build the Buffalo casino. Nothin' wrong with that, per se. It's just interesting. Wayne Barrett is shocked, shocked, that Paladino's campaign staff is full of dubious characters, but that's just Village Voice stuff-- nobody cares about that.

Nobody cares about the crazy, either.  Getting up in the grill of a NY Post reporter? Bring it on, baby!

I've been thinking about some of the losers in this season's political follies. Back before Carl announced Erie County Executive Chris Collins was said to be toying with the idea of a run at the governorship. That ran aground when was reported to have said to a woman looking for a seat at the State of the State address,
 "I’m sure if you offer someone a lap dance, you can find a place to sit." Poor Chris, he didn't realize that he'd have to double down on the crude, offensive humor if he wanted to make it big.

Another thing that's been interesting this season has been the activity on the third party lines. Jim Domagalski was a pretty successful Republican Party chairman in Erie County, and must have figured that running for state senate would be a kind of victory lap. It didn't work out that way.  I like Jim, although doubt that there is a single political issue that we agree on. Oddly enough, he didn't lose because of Tea Party craziness. Instead, it looks like he lost because the people who've supported Darth Volker all these years were bent out of shape when ol' Darth was pushed to the curb. They persuaded former Erie County Sheriff Pat Gallivan to enter the primary, and Gallivan won in a walk. Hilariously, Jim remained on the ballot on the Conservative and Independence lines, which meant that there was going to be a four-way race, and the seat, which has been Republican since the Earth cooled, might fall to the Democrats. Jim pulled out to try to prevent that from happening, and in order to do that the Republicans have had to nominate him for a judgeship, as they did with Rick Lazio. It's nice that they've got the ballot space, and it would be hilarious if  Jim Domagalski actually were to be elected in someplace like the Bronx.  He's not telling where he is going to appear on the ballot, presumably to avoid that fate.

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