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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Anti-Prohibition party only managed 22,775 votes, and didn't make the cut, but Jimmy McMillan of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party got about 57,000 votes (compared with 13,355 four years ago). Lucky us-- Jimmy is going to be a perennial.

What's really interesting is that Carl managed a higher percentage than recent candidates who challenged incumbents: Andrew O’Rourke (32 percent), who was running against Gov. Mario M. Cuomo in 1986; Pierre A. Rinfret (21 percent) who challenged Mr. Cuomo in 1990; Peter F. Vallone against Gov. George E. Pataki, a Republican, in 1998, and H. Carl McCall who challenged Mr. Pataki four years later (both got 33 percent). Paladino pulled down 34%-- I haven't seen a breakdown by party line. That's notable-- he tapped into something, and a better run campaign might have gotten some real traction. If nothing else I think it is an indication that New Yorkers are pretty disgusted with Albany.  Will it make a difference? I'm not so sure. Turnout was low-- under 30% in NYC, about 40% statewide, and 44% in Erie County. In the heat of the moment it seemed like people were being swept up in it all, but really most people weren't paying attention.

UPDATE: They are still counting, but it looks like the Rent Is Too Damn High Party may not make the cut. Also, the Conservative Party apparently did well enough to move up to Row C.

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