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Saturday, November 27, 2010

CLA had gone out, so A, LCA and I were left to watch "Stranger Than Fiction" by ourselves. I'd forgotten I'd seen it, and A fell asleep, but LCA and I stayed with it, because it is a charming movie. When it was over, LCA said, "Man, I'm really jonesing for some cookies," cookies having been an important plot device in the movie. It was only 9:30, and I was in the mood for a sweet myself, so I pulled on my jacket and walked down to the co-op.

It was snowing, the first real snow of the season; not a gentle pretty kind of snow, but the kind that pelts down like rain. When I first lived in Buffalo I was surprised by snow like that-- it comes down hard, harder than you'd think snow would come down.

We'd seen it earlier in the day. CLA and I had dropped A at the office so she could catch up on mail for an hour or so, then CLA and I had gone to South Buffalo so she could practice driving. The micro-climates in this town are confounding, and South Buffalo was getting hit. We were about a half hour into it (she's gotten pretty good) when A called, concerned about the weather. We told her we'd swing back and get her and as we were driving back towards downtown CLA said,"Sometimes I'm surprised that Mum is the one from Buffalo."

"What, I should be the one from here?" I said. "No," she explained, "But weather seems to freak her out. When you're from Buffalo you should just deal."

What I probably should have said was that A does a pretty good job of dealing, but that we are a little flinchy still. The past couple of years would do it to anyone. In a way it's like my auto accident last month: I approach intersections a little differently now.

Lancaster Avenue smelled like woodsmoke as I walked down the street, and I thought about how Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. Up and down the block families were together, enjoying a warm hearth and each others company, just like we were, and if LCA wanted a cookie, well why not go get some cookies? When I got in I warmed them in the microwave and brought them to her upstairs with a glass of milk.

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