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Friday, November 26, 2010

EGA reports that there was green bean casserole with mushroom soup and those crispy fried onions, and  sweet potatoes with marshmallows, but no race.  Too bad.  CLA and I missed running with her.

There are a lot of things to love about the Oldest Continuously Run Road Race in North America, but I think one of the chief things I like is that it is filled with people who have come home and are glad to be here.  Everywhere you look there are kids wearing something representing their college, and frequently their college sport-- USC lacrosse, IU fencing, a lot of Geneseo cross-country, Arizona.  And, of course, Smith Crew.11044 finishers this year-- entries were capped at 12,500 and were closed a week ago. Ten years ago, the year of the surprise November storm, there were 3506, which was as small as I've seen it, I think.

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Nice picture.

Yes, I note that most of the people on our flights to Buffalo at Christmas seem genuinely glad to be going there. We know why we are.

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