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Monday, December 06, 2010

Joe Posnanski writes that for years Ron Santo was the Greatest Living Player Not In The Hall of Fame. I'm not sure who takes over now, but it got me thinking about the other people who are the greatest outsiders.  Can we agree that Peter O'Toole, for example, is the Greatest Living Movie Actor Without An Academy Award? (Cary Grant never won one either-- he got an honorary award after he retired, and he was only nominated twice, in 1941 for  Penny Serenade, and in 1944 for None But The Lonely Heart. What's up with that?) I'm not sure who the equivalent actress might be.

Literary awards are more fickle.  Right now I'd say that the Greatest Living Writer Without A Nobel Prize is probably Phillip Roth. Some day I'd like to be in London right before the announce the prize so I can put a couple of pounds on a writer.

After that we start getting into silliness.  Grammys and Emmys, who cares? Who is the Greatest Rock Artist Not In The R&R HOF? Again, who cares?  It's probably KISS, but I can't bring myself to get worked up about it.

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