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Friday, December 31, 2010

One of the points of doing Outside Counsel-- now in its tenth year-- is to say things that other people haven't said.  Here's a list of some things that I'm glad I said this year:

On Geoffrey Stokes

On Why the Statler would be wrong for UB Law

On The politics of judicial appointments

On Clerical sexual abuse

On Gun nuts


On Juan-Carlos Formell and Johnny's Dream Club

On 64 ounces of sardines

On Funerals

On The ambiguities of history

Also, although I've flogged this piece several times before, my article in Afterimage on the prosecution of my friend Lawrence Brose is something I'm proud to have written. (It is being re-published in The Squealer, coming soon.)  The Brose case has been much commented upon by the sorts of people at the Buffalo News that comment on that sort of thing, and they have, I think, mostly gotten it wrong.  What has struck me throughout is that the local arts community has been notably reticent about standing up for a man who has been a prominent advocate for artistic freedom and arts funding for over ten years.  Lawrence would have been at the front of the line protesting Chris Collins' funding cuts, and the absence of his voice has been a profound void. I'm glad that Squeaky Wheel has stepped up and allowed me to speak out on this matter, and I am sorry that essentially no other arts organization in Buffalo has had the courage to do so.

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