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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Well, let's try crowd-sourcing the problem.  I use a Yahoo! calendar, on a free Yahoo! account, and all of a sudden it has stopped syncing with my iPhone. When I connect to my laptop I get an error message in iTunes that says "iTunes could not sync with Yahoo Address Book because the Yahoo! ID or password was incorrect."  I have tried (a) deleting and re-entering the  Yahoo! ID, the password and the ID and the password; (b) deleting the account and then restoring it; (c) in iTunes "Preferences" going to "Devices" and clicking on "Reset sync history" (I actually went to iTunes telephone help line and was told to try this and the next thing); (d) in iTunes right clicking on the iPhone icon, then clicking on "Reset warnings". None of this has worked.  I've searched on line, and haven't found a fix.

I'm also finding that Apple's telephone support is generally lacking.

I'm out of ideas. Has anyone else encountered this?

UPDATE: This appears to be the solution. From Settings go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then tap Add Account.  Tap Other and then tap Tap Other and then tap Add CalDAV Account. Enter "Yahoo" in the server account, then fill in the account name and password. Seems to be working for me....

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