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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm extremely pleased to have been invited to participate in the CEPA Gallery's "Visions of Greater Buffalo" event this year. The idea is fun: CEPA invites people from the business, arts, non-profit, educational, political and community service areas to make photographs depicting the region, then mounts a show of the resulting images. My law partner was a board member of CEPA before departing for Scandinavia, and in the past her photographs have won awards; this is a chance for me to see if I learned anything from her.

My sense is that the real trick is to avoid cliche. The other challenge is going to be light and color. I have until the end of February, and although snow capped sculpture is certainly a fair representation of what the coming days will hold that's not what I want to be depicting.

Coincidentally, Slate has a piece today on "slow photography" . My usual approach is to bash out a bunch of shots, then sort out the ones I like later-- the Nick Lowe school. For this event I have been issued a 27 shot disposable camera, so the slow approach makes better sense. Probably also a coincidence: Milton Rogovin died this morning. (UPDATE: Excellent interview with Rogovin from Buffalo Spree by my friend Bob Hirsch here; NYTimes obit here.)

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