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Monday, February 07, 2011

289 finishers at Mr. Ed's yesterday, although I saw numbers going well into the 300s. There was a one mile fun run too, so that may have skewed my estimate -- I thought there were about 400, but some of that may have been Middleport Mr. Ed's groupies. The usual appalling conditions prevailed: cold, windy, alternating slippery footing and footing that resembled running on the beach. I rolled my ankle on the towpath, and it's a bit sore today, but I would have regretted not running this more than I regret a minor ding.

It's a funny thing that Niagara County takes over the running calendar in the winter months: Mr. Ed's is the only one I do, but there's the Lockport Y10, which I tell myself I should do, and the Olcott Polar Bear Run, which I suppose I should try as well. Next year maybe; for now, on to the Chilly Challenge.

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