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Monday, February 28, 2011

My Oscar Wrap for Spree is here.

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Your comments about the Oscars are well written stuff which, oddly enough, I stayed up to watch. (Having some trouble sleeping these days and just thought staying up later might work)

I thought Hathaway was ok. She tried (maybe too hard), to be bouncy and cute but simply could not rouse James Franco from his almost catatonic state. That did not help move things along and neither did those tiresome thank-you speeches which are almost always painful, anyway. We'd set the what-cha-ma-call-it to record the beginning and then started the show from our delayed beginning about 15 minutes after the actual start. Those first thank-you speeches and the commercials (also dull), took up so much time that, fast-forwarding through them, we caught up with "real" time all too soon and had to suffer the rest.

My favorite moment was Melissa Lee's acceptance for her supporting actress role. This is the woman who blew me away as the lead in the little noted movie "Frozen River" a few years ago. If you've never seen it and really do care about movies, this indy film is on my list of great modern films. As for Kirk Douglas, what a tough old guy! He's loved every minute of his life and still makes the most of what's left. I missed what Justin Timberlake said about him. Please tell.

We were delighted that Aaron Sorkin got the best screenplay award. Just as with "The West Wing", he sure sees and captures what he sees in ways that most of us can get. We would have been just as pleased if "Social Network" had won best picture over "The King's Speech". We thought they were both great.

We skipped "Black Swan" because we knew it had really dark, ugly stuff in it which we are uncomfortable seeing too graphically depicted. We did see "Winter's Bone" which was very well done in every respect but could, in no way, be classified as a "feel good" movie. "Frozen River" was also rather dark (the plight of the poor can never be really jolly), but the difference between those two would be the hope and spirit of the story.

But then, we love movies!
I think Leo was being rewarded as much for Frozen River as for The Fighter, and said so in my predictions piece. I'd forgotten that A. worked with Adam Sokin's brother back in Brooklyn.

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