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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A-Rod's contract with Texas was a total outlier at the time it was made, but the market caught up to it, as markets tend to, and now Albert Pujols is seriously underpaid. Ted Williams, Willie Mays and Joe DiMaggio you should be getting paid like the best player in the game. It is crazy for Miggy Cabrera or Jason Bay or Carlos Beltran (Let's Go Mets!) have better contracts, and no matter what Tony LaRussa, Esq. has to say about it, Pujols can and should make the best deal that he can. I've been to St. Louis, and I guess I like it well enough. Pujols is said to like it too, but I imagine he'll find a way to be just as happy somewhere else if he's pulling down the kind of dough the Best Player in Baseball ought to be able to get. If St. Louis doesn't want to pay it someone will.

(Oh, and I like Charley Pierce's take on LaRussa: "For an awfully long time, there has been no more overrated figure in American sports than Tony LaRussa." Seriously, has there ever been more of a fuss over a law degree from Florida State?)

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