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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bob Dylan and the Law. Perhaps this sort of quality conference programing is why Fordham was ranked ahead of UB in the most recent US News survey. Just for fun I went to the UB Law website to see what we have coming up in the next couple of months. The Environmental Law Program and Baldy Center hosts the conference "Hydrofracking: Exploring the Legal Issues in the Context of Politics, Science and the Economy". I think I'm giving blood that day. "Corporate Family Leave Policies, the Family & Medical Leave Act, and Women's Occupational Standing in U.S. Firms". Good thing I'm a apheresis donor-- I can use the blood excuse lots. If I happened to be in the building (which I won't be) I suppose I might look into the talk on the Treaty of Lisbon, but that's because it's an esoteric subject that I've read a bit about in the past. There can't be twenty people in a fifty mile radius who could tell you what the Treaty of Lisbon is about.

I don't mean to disparage serious academic stuff, but would it be so bad to sponsor something with some popular interest? I don't just mean Lawyers in Movies, but c'mon, let's have something that's a little less "Eat Your Vegetables."

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