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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Damn, they caught the Bronx Zoo Cobra just when its Twitter feed was starting to get good. From the Village Voice's account of the press conference:

"'She is in a different enclosure where the rest of the venomous snakes are.' Great, now she can tell them all how to escape."

Apparently the snake doesn't have a name, although New York magazine has been lobbying hard for "Shawsnake". New York deserves props for the best coverage of this story, I'd say:

"Last we heard, officials at the Bronx Zoo were just going to wait it out until Shawsnake got too comfortable or too hungry and emerged from whatever dark recesses of the reptile house she's been hiding in. Could take weeks, they said, but no biggie! Only a handful of weirdos are being kept from visiting the reptile house anyway. But apparently they're starting to feel some pressure."

Now that the snake has been captured I guess we'll have to go back to paying attention to the three wars we've got going on, and Mitt Romney, and a bunch of other stuff I'd rather not think about.

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I loved the tweets - but the best was this NYC weather man:

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