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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I should mention that over the last weekend LCA and the rest of the City Honors thespians mounted their production of "South Pacific". Overall the show was pretty good, and LCA was remarkably good. As her father I could be expected to say that, but it was also true-- she approached professional quality I think, particularly in her singing and dancing, but also very nearly with her acting as well. She was obliged to play about ten years older than she is, with a cast that was likewise playing roles that were about ten to thirty years older, a challenging proposition. Other people thought she managed pretty well too, and it wasn't just other parents who were saying it to us: I overheard people I don't know commenting on the strength of her performance, and someone who identified himself as a musician who'd been with the Philharmonic for 30 years came up to her after the Friday show and told her she had a gift that he hoped she'd keep up with. So yeah, LCA is pretty good at this stuff, just like that little owl that wanted to sing-a, about the moon-a and the June-a and the spring-a.

She works hard at it. Given her dance experience it is no surprise that she moves well on stage, but she also has a notable presence. She works nearly as hard on her singing, and the results were impressive range and control. I suspect it was her singing that most impressed people, because she was in character and because she can really sell it. Most of the songs Nellie gets are comic, which is an LCA strength, but the reprise of Some Enchanted Evening was effective, and may have been what most of the audience liked best. It was a pleasure to watch her, and I'm glad that my mother was able to make it to Buffalo to see her.

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