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William C. Altreuter

Monday, April 25, 2011

Thoughtful post from Paul Campos about what I'm coming to think of as the problem of Peak Law School. Fewer and fewer law school graduates are finding law related jobs, and more and more of the jobs that they are finding are low-paying and unsatisfying. Veterans of our glamor profession will tell you that this is nothing new, and they may be right-- I know for a fact that I had classmates who were never able to find legal jobs-- but I think the scale of the thing has turned it into something else. I have said in the past that if I were made king of legal education in the United States the first thing I would do would be to decree that no-one could enter law school immediately following the completion of their undergraduate degree. Get some sort of job, for a year or three, then come back.

I also think it is past time for the profession to rein in the number of law schools that are out there. It isn't fair to treat students like marks, and there are far too many universities that seem to be proceeding under the notion that anyone who wants to should be entitled to spend deep into the six figures in order to live the law school dream.

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