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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh good. Newt's in. There is no downside to this that I can see.

FURTHER THOUGHTS: I am disposed to dislike the lot of them anyway, but even at that has there ever been a less likable field of potential candidates? Even Republicans are gagging. Mittens belongs to a kook religion-- I don't care how much the monied elite likes him, LDS is a deal-breaker, and then there is the Irish Setter, and the Massachusetts health care thing. In a sane world he could run on his record, but in 2012 he has to run as hard as he can to get away from it. Huck has the opposite problem-- religious nuts like him, but the money people don't. I also doubt that he really wants to go for it this time-- he is making good money for the first time in his life, and is unlikely to want to walk away from that. My theory about Newt is that Calista is always with him because she is the only person that can stand him. T-Paw is a non-entity on his best days. Sarah and Trump are both in the position of kinda having to stay in for the time being, just to remain more-or-less relevant. Nobody likes them, and The Situation has just about the same shot at the nomination. Barbour is out. Those are the popular ones. Then we get down to the truly hateful. Rick Santorum. Thank you, Dan Savage. Rudy Guiliani. All of Newt's baggage, plus he made his bones by going after the cats with money. He has no base is what I'm saying. I doubt he'd carry Staten Island. Michelle Bachman. A nut, pure and simple, Ke$ha to Palin's Lady GaGa. Jon Huntsman. I don't see this as a race about differences in foreign policy, and Huntsman was an agent of the incumbent's foreign policy. How is that a selling point?

There are more
, but I just don't see anyone from the back of this pack breaking out.

You know, out of this bunch Ron Paul starts looking pretty good.

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