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Friday, June 03, 2011

I don't see the point of prosecuting John Edwards, but then again there is little that I understand about this. Why, for example, did he have third parties pay his mistress and his catspaw? Edwards is loaded-- couldn't he have dipped into his own pocket? Philandering is one thing, but being a stupid philanderer is another altogether. Being a stupid, cheap philanderer who thought it would be excellent to run for President also not cool.

The argument seems to be that Edwards' campaign would have been toast if Hunter had gone public, so the money paid to keep her quiet was therefore money spent to further his campaign which means it was a campaign contribution. Doesn't that seem strained? And here's another thing-- why would he have brought other people into this web? Doesn't he know the first rule of secrets? It sure as hell isn't "The more the merrier."

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