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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lately we have been streaming movies rather than watching DVDs, and the difference in the experience is worth noting. Although not everything I want to watch is available to stream, this system affords much greater flexibility, for one thing. If A. is out of town, I can watch Reservoir Dogs, for example. If we feel like an episode of 30 Rock, or Freaks and Geeks, it is right there for us. The evolution in convenience from walking down to a bricks and mortar store, to creating a queue of movies that arrive in a pattern that, while reflecting the tastes of the household nevertheless often seemed oddly random, to watching whatever we want as soon as we want it is pretty great. The genius of Netflix has always been the ability to think of, or read about a movie that sounds interesting, then adding it to the list of things we want to see, but knowing that it would be interesting to watch The Sugarland Express sometime, and having the dvd sit on the TV for three weeks because we're not in the mood for The Sugarland Express at that particular moment is a pretty big difference from our present experience.

 A site called Cockeyed Caravan has been useful: it reviews "underrated" or forgotten movies,  and seems to hew more dependably to my tastes than the Netflix recommendations algorithm does. Meanwhile, here's a list of "missing movies"-- movies that aren't available or in print, or movies that have never been finished, or movies with vast amounts of lost footage. I really would like to see Let It Be again.

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Let It Be is on youtube

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