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William C. Altreuter

Friday, August 12, 2011

More on law school. I have a friend on the faculty of Cooley; he tells me that it views itself as a "law school of opportunity". I know people who got their JDs there; some are capable lawyers, others not so much. The same is true of New York Law. Interestingly-- and unsaid in the stories I've seen-- is the fact that both Cooley and New York Law are unaffiliated with any larger institution. They are not a part of any university. Part of the usual narrative about the proliferation of law schools, law students and law graduates is that law schools are university profit centers, but these two are stand-alones. The crackpot law schools I mentioned yesterday (Notre Dame excepted) fall into a slightly different category. No doubt they make money, but their real purpose is to forward a social agenda. Frankly, the American legal system could do without either.

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