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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

We were in Boston over the weekend and watched the Yankees' series with interest. I don't see what is to be done about Jorge Posada-- he looks absolutely lost at the plate, and I was not at all surprised that he sat for the rubber game. Sometimes players just fall off the table, and I'm afraid that's what has happened to Posada. The idea that he might be useful as a DH doesn't seem to be working out-- I'd sure want more production from my DH.

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We say sell him to a national league team where he can play every day and get his groove back.
It's hard to watch; I don't think he's had as bad a stretch his entire career-so is it over, or is he still adjusting to not calling 100-130 games a year? I think he's got some bat left in him, but not enough for this lineup. Jorge will be in Tampa next year.

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