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Friday, September 23, 2011

In the course of a piece about cheap vodka Serious Eats correspondent Will Gordon makes this observation:

"I went to one of those midlevel private colleges that exist only in the Northeast. In the rest of the country they're rational enough to send the geniuses to elite schools and everyone else to whatever perfectly good school their state happens to underfund, but up here we've created several barely distinct layers of private college to accommodate Long Island's endless supply of average students with above-average means."

I have long wondered at the fact that people from the South and the West mostly seem to have attended their states' flagship university. There are exceptions, I guess, but these seem to exist mostly to foster sports rivalries. This accounts for places like Auburn, and USC. Duke and Vanderbilt are Long Island adjunct institutions, and the Midwest is a subject for further study.

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Lots of small liberal-arts schools in the Midwest. I went to one of them.
It has always struck me that some WNYers have a New York tropism, and others are drawn to Ohio. I wonder why that is?

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