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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I love this part of the NFL season. Every week is a series of questions, and the questions get more interesting as the data accumulates. Right now the question for everyone amounts to, "Are we moving towards the mean?" The Bills were a surprise, but now everybody is 4-2, and we are left to wonder, did they get to 4-2 by being good, or by beating up on lousy teams?

Oakland looks legit-- they are 4-2 also, with wins against the Jets, Denver, Houston and Cleveland. You can't really say that any of those are high octane opponents, and one of their losses was to New England.

Kansas City is 3-2. The two wins came against the Vikings and the Colts. The Chiefs have lost to two legit teams, the Lions and the Bolts. This is the sort of team good teams are supposed to beat, even though we didn't realize it on opening day.

I thought that was the kind of team the Bengals were, but they are 4-2 as well. I'd say the win against the Bills is their most impressive credential to date.

The New England win speaks for itself.

The Eagles win was nice, but not unexpected. They were winless coming in, they are 2-4 now, and they look like they are in complete disarray.

The Giants are 4-2. They are an ugly 4-2, having beaten the Rams, the Eagles and Arizona in addition to the Bills.

Going just on who's beaten who I'd have to say that the Bills are a better 4-2 than most, but they need to start winning on the road, and they need to learn how to close. The bye comes at a good time, and Washington comes after that, followed by a trip to visit the Jets. Good teams beat the 'Skins and the Jets. Teams that have plans for the post season load up for games like that. Who are the Bills? For the first time in a long time it's an interesting question.

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I would say that the Bills are a legit 4-2 and are under rated, and climbing. Other teams with winning records, like the Lions and the Giants, I feel are sliding.
The bye comes at a good time for the Bills. I look at the schedule and the only game that really makes me nervous is the regular season finale, against the Pats.

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