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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Although it appears that the mayors of a number of cities got together and decided that it was time to evict the Occupy protesters, in Buffalo our Mayor has decided (for now, anyway) to let them sit tight. He may be thinking that the winter weather will do the job for him, but meanwhile, next Thursday 13,200 Turkey Trot runners are going to go past Niagara Square and the McKinley Monument where our Occupy people are encamped. It will be interesting to see....

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I hope you runners give the OWS people a thumbs up as you go by. Although their goals are too amorphous, they have it right that there needs to be a protest if congress hangs tight and does not pass some further taxation on the 1% That would be just too outrageous (not that congress has been less than outrageous for some time now, if they are really going to cut Medicaid, medicare and Social Security benefits.

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