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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I've just learned that William J. Edgar, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Geneseo has died. Professor Edgar's classes were among the highlights of my time at Geneseo, and during her time there CLA was admitted into the Honors Program that he created. (She also took Logic with his wife.) When she was admitted I wrote to him to tell him what an influence he'd been for me, and how pleased I was that the connection had endured for a second generation. The fashion at Geneseo during my time was to have these advanced monstrous seminars, taught by two or more faculty members. The idea was that you'd read a ton, and write a short paper every week, with a longer, more comprehensive paper two or three or four times over the semester. I took one like that with Ken Deutsch, (PoliSci) Bill Edgar (Philosopy) and Bill Martin (Economics) that amounted to a survey of 20th Century political philosophy and was one of the peak intellectual experiences of my life.

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Bill and Stacey changed my life too. Sad to learn of his passing in today's email, but heartened by the outpouring of stories from those who, like me, remember Geneseo as such an intense and positive intellectual experience because of Bill's work.
He was a great teacher!
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