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William C. Altreuter

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Here it is, Super Tuesday already, one of my favorite days of the quadrennial. The way I reckon it, there are enough states for everyone this year, and enough close calls. Newt will get Georgia, Mittens and The Man Who Was Afraid to Google will split Ohio, and there are probably some delegates out there for crazy old Ron Paul. This thing is a long way from over, even if it is actually over, and that has me thinking. Assuming that [knock wood] whoever wins this thing goes on to ignominious defeat [/knock wood], doesn't that mean that the presumptive front-runner next time will be Rick Santorum? He'll have the experience of a national campaign under his belt, he will have the foundations for an organization, and a better Rolodex, and that's usually how it goes with Republicans, isn't it? They are essentially royalists, who believe in an orderly plan for succession. I suppose Huckabee might come back, but I suspect not, and I have a feeling that the same reasons a lot of the people who stayed out this time (last name "Bush", crazy wife, crazy) will still be in play in four years.

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I was hoping Ron Paul could do better, maybe debate Obama. I see it now: "Get off my lawn!"

We should stick to calling Romney "Mittens", as you do, or by his real given name. Calling him by his nickname makes him seem too . . . nevermind; no, it doesn't.

I wonder if Gringrich is just doing this to somehow make a buck, but I don't see how that works, entirely.

Nothing can help Santorum.

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