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Thursday, March 29, 2012

We've mentioned the matter of Ceglia v. Facebook before on Outside Counsel: Paul Ceglia claims that he had a contract with Mark Zuckerberg in which Zuck agreed to give him a majority share in Facebook. The case has been an interesting wreck: along the way several prominent local lawyers (and one infamous poltroon) have taken up, and then dropped representation of Ceglia, and the course of the electronic discovery has proceeded in such a rocky fashion that the plaintiff has been hit with some pretty substantial sanctions. Now, via BoingBoing, we have access to the report of Facebook's forensic computer experts, and it is very interesting reading indeed. Bottom line, there seems to have been some backdating going on, down to the metadata level, including using a computer with a backdated system clock. It appears to have been a pretty sophisticated bit of work, which is interesting also, since on the face of things, if Ceglia is a crook, he seemed like a pretty low-level grifter, not a "Mission Impossible" grade hacker.

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