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William C. Altreuter

Monday, April 30, 2012

To the Donald Harrison Quintet Saturday night, the finale of Bruce Eaton's Hunt Real Estate Art of Jazz series at the Albright-Knox this season, and a rousing show. Harrison has tremendous range, moving from bop and post bop informed by funk and his New Orleans roots, and the band-- who were all in their 20's-- displayed formidable swing and muscle. Garaud MacTaggart singled out the bass player, Max Moran. (Jason Moran's cousin. Cool.) I was more impressed with the drummer, Joe Dyson, who kept the NOLA in the procedings throughout, and the piano player, Zaccai Curtis, who was seriously dazzling. The guitarist, Detroit Brooks, presented an interesting challenge. At first I wasn't sure what he was bringing to the proceedings, but it gradually dawned on me that he was adding swing to the rhythm section and functioning at the same time as a second lead instrument, almost like a second horn.

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